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The leader went that way.
Should we follow?
Maybe. What about the project, it's due today.
What did he mean by "Love your customer?"

Leaders are cool. But you still need managers.

I’ve been on a rant lately, about the trendy topic of managers being extraneous. If I had to guess where this perennial nonsense came from, I’d have to say it comes from entrepreneurs who can’t really deal with the fact that their cultures have to change as their companies get bigger. They always want to […]

The key to happy employees and effective workplaces: The right brain in the right place.

A Smart Girl Like You in a Job Like This? Matching Cognitive Ability

About the same time Abraham Maslow was introducing his hierarchy of needs, educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom created another graduated triangle known as Bloom’s taxonomy. Bloom’s taxonomy looked at higher and higher levels of intellectual functioning, starting with rote memorization and working up through the ability to analyze information, synthesize information, and finally the ability to […]


  • Thank you so much for your team’s help in setting up my HR startup package. Even though I am just starting out, everyone went out of their way to answer any and all questions that I had. I now feel confident in moving forward with my hiring plans and am glad to have found an… [Continue Reading]

  • We don’t have a dedicated HR staff, so time we spend on recruiting takes away from processes that keep our doors open.  Valentine HR was a tremendous force multiplier for us: recruiting and vetting candidates, locating and screening better candidates than we could have, leaving us free to do the work that we do best!… [Continue Reading]

  • “Your team has been an amazing resource for me.  Mary’s trainings were very informational and helpful.  Most of all, having Myra available to guide me through some rough roads has been invaluable.” —Renee Calder Price, BS, LCPAA, Chief Executive Officer,Caring Family Network    

  • Caroline and her company are fantastic! They have been great to work with and at the ready with solid advice. Also put on a meaningful seminar for our staff. I look forward to working with Caroline again and again. —Julia Harrod, President MWM DesignGroup

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